The MIDAS Alliance Benchmarking report will provide a robust analysis of technologies whose aim is to meet the technical requirements of PAS499.

The report will provide the results of the technology assessments conducted on the successful accredited technology companies to enable end users to understand exactly what each technology provider offers.

This information will help organisations make informed decisions on the appropriate supplier required to fulfil specific functionality of digital identification and authentication processes.

It helps organisations compare progress of technology within each sector and communicate this information to stakeholders.

Organisations’ corporate strategy will be strengthened and supported by the information provided by the benchmarking analysis.

It helps organisations formulate more accurate understanding of the different technologies available and what each technology does and doesn’t do.

Benchmarking helps in the process of comparing performance against the practices of other leading companies for the purpose of improving organisations performance.
The detailed report contains information on:
Structure of company
Business operations
Security risk assessment
Biometric functionality
Identity validation
Identity verification
Liveness detection
Live streaming
ID document technology
Cyber risk analysis