MIDAS Alliance Consulting

The MIDAS Alliance Consulting and its partners train both auditors and organisations to meet the requirements of its management and technical requirements of the MIDAS Alliance Accreditation Scheme.

If you are a consultancy body that wants to want to apply to become a MIDAS Alliance Consulting partner, please contact the MIDAS Alliance.

Compliance readiness analysis

MIDAS Alliance consulting partners offer compliance readiness services conducted by an individual, or group of individuals, who have been approved by MIDAS Alliance. Depending on your requirements it will include a Lead Consultant and a Lead technical consultant if required.
The compliance readiness assessment will take between one and five days and include:
Viewing company records
Interviews with relevant personnel
A full audit of the processes currently deployed
Gap analysis
A cyber vulnerability process report
A full report and recommendations based upon the findings within the initial assessment in order to help the organisation meet the accreditation requirements

Compliance solutions implementation

Within the report from the compliance readiness assessment, the Lead Consultant will advise you on the work required to meet the accreditation standards.

This will be a bespoke proposal based on the specific shortfalls within the management and technology processes of your organisation.
A detailed and costed solution will be presented to you to enable you to decide if you would like to proceed with the accreditation.

Once accepted and implemented your organisation would then be ready to be audited for compliance to MIDAS Alliance Accreditation Scheme by a UKAS accredited auditor to confirm that you met the required standard.