MIDAS Alliance’s Scope

Incredibly, in just three months since inception, the MIDAS Alliance now has over 1,000 people signed up who want to participate in helping to create a new standard.

At the last public meeting of the Alliance there was consensus both that there was a need for a co-ordinated approach to managing the myriad regulatory/sectoral and technological stakeholders, and also that the next step in developing such an approach was to start defining its initial scope. After further discussions it was suggested that, whilst we ultimately need to create a scope that is able to cover all sectors (including but not limited to such areas as: Financial services, Government, Health and Insurance), in the first instance we might be better served looking at a ‘simplified’ scope covering the intersection between just two facets.

Whilst there will be multiple cross sections to consider in developing a comprehensive standard for mobile identification and authentication we, therefore, propose to start our initial scope with the most obvious and imminent of the cross-overs, namely the need for traditional and emerging payments and public sector ID. We have a number of key stakeholders who have suggested this as a kick off point, but do let us know if there’s another burning topic which you would like to see covered first. The initial scope, therefore, would be to examine the cross-over between payment regulation ‘strong authentication’ and identity ‘assurance’.

As no single organisation can provide a single solution in isolation it is essential that we get everyone to work together across multiple sectors in helping to draft the initial scope. Therefore, in the first instance, we are asking for comments on whether the above outline for the scope is a good place to start, and whether it is an area that you feel you would like to contribute to. If you have an opinion on it please reply within the next two weeks so that we can then collate all of the feedback. Once we have done that we intend to hold another event in which we can discuss the scope in more detail and start putting together a first draft for submission to British Standards Institute. In order to cover some the costs of organising this next event we will be charging a nominal amount to attend.

I am very much looking forward to hearing your thoughts on our initial ideas and look forward to meeting you at our next event.