Board Members

Andrew Churchill

Andrew Churchill has over 20 years experience working in security within Government, Industry and Academia, in particular cyber security and financial crime. He has led the UK cyber crime task force and co-ordinated security technology requirements for HMG, acted as subject matter expert on a European Union cyber crime and terrorism programme, chaired the governing Conservative Technology Forum, and currently sits on the Federal Reserve’s Secure Payments Task Force. In addition to his consultancy work, he is currently lead author of the British Standards Institution’s ‘Digital Identification & Authentication Code of Practice’, and Standards Director for the MIDAS Alliance.

In addition to his first degree he holds Masters in Defence & Security Analysis (MA, Lancaster) and Information Security (MSc, Royal Holloway). Current research interests include security and privacy concerns in authentication and Identity Management, such as for payments and online access control, and future threats and safeguards against such vulnerabilities

Jonathan Williams

Jonathan is a strategist with substantial experience in product management and communication for technology companies. He has a broad background in payments, networking and telecommunications, real-time systems, security, encryption and authentication. He is a member of the Payment Strategy Forum – Financial Crime, Data & Security Working Group and has been a Director at Experian working of product and strategy for the past nine years.
Specialties: Product lifecycle management, HSM and smartcard, industry liaison, ATM, evangelism, competitive analysis, proposition prioritisation, requirements management, OFT anti-competition review, pricing, P&L, public relations, crisis management.

Marek Rejman-Greene

Consultant and former Senior Biometrics Adviser at the Home Office

Marek Rejman-Greene was the Senior Biometrics Adviser at the UK’s Home Office between June 2005 and January 2018, and for most of the period leading the identity team at the Centre for Applied Science and Technology. He continues to be actively involved in International Standards, in future ways of using identity such as blockchain/Distributed Ledger Technology, and in the integration of legal, service and user contexts to optimise the application of novel technologies. Although Marek’s interests cover all biometric modalities, he has a particular expertise in the ways in which automated facial recognition can be applied, alongside the skilled and consistent operation of human examiners, to deliver value services to the customer. 

Previously (between 1991 and 2005), he served as a Senior Security Consultant at BT’s R&D facility at Martlesham Heath, managing projects as diverse as the introduction of PKI into the financial sector, security policy development, the deployment of secure knowledge management systems and tracking the future landscape for identity services.

Masha Cilliers

Misha is a senior professional with 22 years experience in payments ranging from DIGITAL PAYMENTS, FRAUD MANAGEMENT, ECOMMERCE to M-COMMERCE and other related services. Founder of Payment Options Limited – online and mobile payments consultancy; and an Associate at Consult Hyperion.

Previously at Datacash as an executive board member heading Strategy, Innovation, Partnerships and Marketing and earlier at Global Collect building and growing Partnerships and Alliances and at CyberSource developing European markets and widening the payment product portfolio. Five years at Microsoft driving payments in the EMEA region as well as providing strategic direction to the Management in the USA. Prior to that ten years at Visa International, across variety of roles from Relationship Management to Business Development in new digital payment technologies (smart cards and vbv); working with multinational banks, processors, vendors and professional forums within Central and Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Mark King

Mark spent a decade as GCHQ’s rep on the security techniques standards committee at BSI, worked on OECD Guidelines and the European signature directive, and chaired various international groups, including NATO PKI. After early retirement he has been a part-time consultant on private sector support to pubic sector activities requiring identification or authentication. In his spare time he writes A level exams for Cambridge.

Chris Hurst

Chris has worked across the IT, IS and Telecommunications Industry with both “Blue Chip” and “Start Up” organisations. He describes himself as a practical futurist leading with ideas and solutions that are just ahead of the curve. Including ground breaking ideas in Identity, Federation, Payments, Compliance and the use of digital Identity to reduce the potential for market abuse and increase trust.

He invented and developed (World Wide Patent Awarded) components of Digital Identity and Federated Identity and Authentication, now in operation at the heart of a Global Cloud Compute platform. He also designed and developed a federated identity proof of concept for Institutional Trading that integrated Biometric Identity, federated Identity management, consolidated audit trail and trading platforms (Voice, Mobile, IM and Video) systems together to meet US and EU and UK regulations post Dodd-Frank.

He worked with the UK Government Cabinet Office to describe an Identity ecosystem architecture that is the technical model for IDAP and OIX. Presenting the world’s first fully functional Identity Hub to an IDAP and OIX Members audience in 2012.
He was a finalist in the Idea of the Year 2015 for his breakthrough idea (now a globally available Product) in Voice Payments for Consumer contact that effectively de-scopes organisations from PCI DSS and leverages the Cloud to do it.

He consults with global companies in the Security risk and compliance space and is committed to Digital Identity and Trust driven federated ecosystems. He contributed to the Lord Mayor of London’s “Restoration of Trust in Financial Services” initiative, debated the motion “the IT Industry is doing enough to protect individuals identity” with luminaries from government, privacy, human rights, organisations, law enforcement, UK counter terror.
Chris has worked as a thought leader in Digital Identity and Federation for more than 10 years in both the Citizen and Consumer spaces, and most recently he is proud to have worked on the BSI PAS 499 team.

Chris is Freeman of the WCIT, CISSP, a Black Belt Master in Six Sigma, a SCRUM Master and a practitioner in Scenario Planning, Capability and Maturity Modelling and Programme/Project Management.

Brian Kinch

Brian is an internationally recognised consultant, advisor and risk professional, with over 30 years of experience in the domestic and international financial services profession. His previous roles include working with HSBC, Visa, Lloyds Banking Group and FICO, with additional consulting expertise in other sectors including insurance and telecommunications, and across sectors in a risk, cyber, authentication, continuity and resilience context. Brian is accredited as a Registered Risk Practitioner (RRP) and as a Member of the Business Continuity Institute (MBCI), and was a founder member of the MIDAS Alliance.

Andy Bates

Andy Bates is currently the Executive Director, United Kingdom and Europe of the Global Cyber Alliance (GCA) which he joined in September 2017. He brings more than 25 years of experience to GCA, having served as a Chief Engineer, Business Development Consultant, Product Development Director, IT Director in Racal, Cable & Wireless and Level3. Andy Bates most recently served as the CTO at Verizon EMEA.

While working across a range of technologies such as network, cloud, mobile, VOIP & identity, Mr. Bates has tended to specialise in large secure solutions for governments and challenging the status quo and conventional wisdom of security. He was deeply involved with systems such as Government Secure Intranet, PSN, Police National Network, as well as working with all the major UK government departments and international government customers and agencies, including NATO. Andy Bates is a Chartered Engineer and Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute. He has presented at multiple conferences including RUSI, EU Parliament, Johannesburg, and Budapest.

He is married, lives in Hampshire, UK and is a passionate sailor and skier, whilst also being chairman of a charity in his local community.