MIDAS Alliance Accreditation

MIDAS Alliance Accreditation is the owner of the MIDAS Alliance Accreditation Scheme and is an independent entity to MIDAS Alliance Consulting, ensuring impartial certification of PAS499 compliance.

Certifying to the scheme enables organisations to give confidence to all interested parties that the complete lifecycle of their handling of digital identity meets the PSD2 requirement of strong customer authentication.

Certification will be vital to any organisation that incorporates digital identification, validation, proofing or authentication, into their business model whether they are organisations that provide software or hardware solutions; provide digital id services; those that rely on products and outsourced services for their digital ID and authentication; and those that build and operate their entire digital identity ecosystem.

The scheme sets out the rules and requirements to achieve PAS499 accreditation, and the commitments and obligations required of each participant including the MIDAS Alliance and those applying for PAS499 compliance certification. It is designed to be read in conjunction with PAS499.

Any organization or individual making an application for certification to the MIDAS Alliance Accreditation Scheme is recommended to obtain a copy of the PAS 499 from the BSI online shop (http://shop.bsigroup.com/) or any other standards retailer.

The document includes detailed information on:

Governance of the scheme
Applicants responsibilities and compliance requirements
The compliance evaluation process
Inspection and monitoring
Renewal of accreditation
It references associated technical working papers defining the recommendations and requirements including for the following areas:
Usability and accessibility
Biometric and authentication factor assurance
Live streaming baseline technical specification
Baseline penetration testing requirements
To request a copy of the full document or the technical working papares please contact us here
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Where do I start the process?

An initial assessment call with your chosen auditor will review your situation and help guide you through the upcoming process to gain compliance certification.

Read and get to know the MIDAS Alliance Accreditation Scheme to help you understand what is required for compliance.

Pre-assessment meeting

An accredited auditor is not permitted to provide consultancy services but can offer a pre-assessment meeting to help in understanding the certification requirements. A pre-assessment meeting will go through the processes of attaining accreditation, the costs involved and the likely timeframe of achieving accreditation.

It might be that you want to employ a consultant to advise you on the accreditation process. By having a pre-assessment meeting, it will prepare you better to understand the process the consultant is likely to offer you.

Organisations that conduct a pre-assessment meeting will be better placed for their initial assessment meeting and are likely to proceed more quickly with the subsequent accreditation process.

Compliance audit

Once shortfalls in compliance has been addressed by your organisation, your auditor will perform the initial audit
The audit will involve a detailed review of company processes and documentation, and where necessary technical infrastructure.
Interviews with staff from all relevant functions will take place and may include witnessing key tasks
Your organisation will be asked to address non-compliance before a Scheme certificate can be issued
A full report of findings, including any non-compliance identified, will be provided

The accredited auditor would advise the MIDAS Alliance when you have passed its assessment and a certificate would then be presented to you.

Maintaining your accreditation

Every year you will have your accreditation tested by on-site inspections to offices and a full re-assessment conducted every four years.

The first on site visit will take place within six months after the grant of the MIDAS Alliance certification.