The MIDAS Alliance’s unique position has been developed over a number of years due to it being the lead sponsor and author of the Publicly Available Specification (PAS499) through the offices of the British Standards Institution (BSI Group).

The PAS was developed from a number of public meetings involving hundreds of stakeholders and further small committees within the rules of the BSI with senior stakeholder representatives from across the government, payment, technology and consumer sectors to participate in helping draft the content of PAS499.

History of the Midas Alliance

The MIDAS Alliance came into being to help industry understand how to maintain compliance in the face of emerging legislation, notably the revised Payments Services Directive (PSD2) and the General Data Protection Regulation. 

To this end the MIDAS Alliance aim is to develop and promote an industry standard for digital identification and authentication of individuals and organisations to enable them to trust each other’s digital identity, and to manage this is a secure manner.

The MIDAS Alliance’s aim has been to establish and expand on the minimum definition of “Strong customer authentication” within PSD2, including all aspects of Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-money Laundering (AML), in order to create a secure authentication management and technology standard that meets the needs of all the disparate legislation and regulations domestically and for international applications.

Who we are?

The MIDAS Alliance is made up of two separate organisations

Midas Alliance Accreditation

MIDAS Alliance Accreditation is an independent entity to MIDAS Alliance Consulting, ensuring impartial certification of PAS499 compliance. Certifying to the scheme enables organisations to give confidence to all interested parties that the complete lifecycle of their handling of digital identity meets the PSD2 requirement of strong customer authentication.

Certification will be vital to any organisation that incorporates digital identification and authentication in their business model from those that identify, verify, validate and authenticate users themselves to those that use a 3rd party service for that purpose.
Any organization or individual making an application for certification to the MIDAS Alliance Accreditation Scheme is recommended to obtain a copy of the PAS 499 from the BSI online shop (http://shop.bsigroup.com/) or any other standards retailer.

MIDAS Alliance Consulting

MIDAS Alliance Consulting and its partners train both auditors and organisations to meet the requirements of its management and technical requirements of the MIDAS Alliance Accreditation Scheme.

If you are a consultancy body that wants to want to apply to become a MIDAS Alliance Consulting partner, please contact the MIDAS Alliance.

MIDAS Alliance directors

The MIDAS Alliance is made up of individuals with unparalleled experience of cyber security and online identity authentication. Board members include:

Andrew Churchill

Over 20 years experience in security across Government, academia and industry, including roles as: Leader of...

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Marek Rejman-Greene

Former Senior Biometrics Adviser at the Home Office and identity team lead at the Centre for Applied Science and Technology...

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Masha Cilliers

An executive board member at Datacash heading strategy, innovation, partnerships and marketings...

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Mark King

Former GCHQ representative on the security techniques standards committee at BSI, working on OECD...

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Chris Hurst

Inventor and developer of components of digital and federated identity and authentication systems that are...

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Brian Kinch

A risk professional with experience across the domestic and international financial services profession including...

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Andy Bates

Executive Director, United Kingdom and Europe, of the Global Cyber Alliance (GCA). Previously Chief Engineer Business Development...

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Jonathan Williams

Jonathan is a strategist with substantial experience in product management and communication for technology companies.

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